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We’re Jose and Addie, a 24-year old couple seeking to live life to its fullest while working our way out of 130k in student debt. Ouch! As bad as it may sound, we’ve chosen to not let this hold us down.Debtly Travels Photo 1

In fact, we’ve set out to travel the world for an entireย year! All while working and paying down our student loans.

Through this blog, we hope to give you a glimpse into our journey and inspire you to make the best of yours! Whether you’re in our same shoes or have no student debt at all, I’m sure we all can agree on something: Money is important and has a strong impact on our life experiences.

We want to show you how we’re keeping a handle on our money, cutting down our student debt, and embarking on some pretty cool adventures all at the same time. This is a choice we’re thrilled and challenged to make every day.

It’s easy to feel limited or suffocated by our finances, to the point we feel as if we can’t do much. We’re here to say it’s possible to rise above regardless of your financial circumstance. To breath, think outside the box, buckle down, and make awesome life experiences a reality!

So join us as we share our travels and money tips that really make up who we are today. We sure have a lot to figure out still, but hey, why not share what works as we go?

Cheers to adventurous lives in and out of debt!

Jose and Addie



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  1. Love your attitudes toward an adventurous life! I’ve enjoyed your blog & am planning to use your tip about finding a good meal through the culture trip in a couple of weeks. We’re off to Canada with Trevor, Cori & baby Felix next week, then 3 days later Denny & I are off to a big adventure in Uzbekistan with our travel buddies. . We’ll be away for a month – using local drivers & working with cash since they really don’t have a banking system!

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