3 Things to Know About Traveling While Working Full Time

Our Instagram usually just shows the good of our travels. The beautiful photos, beaches, food, and culture etc. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about the three realities to expect when traveling long term.ย We want to now go a little further for your guys and help you understand what life looks like when you’re working full time and also traveling full time!

So yes, we work full time. Jose and I as most of you know have a significant amount of student debt. Along with that, we are not independently wealthy, we can dream though ๐Ÿ˜‰ So we finance all of our traveling, rent, food, and especially student debt ourselves. Because of this, it is imperative for both of us to work full-time jobs. Keep reading below to find out the three things to expect if you work, and travel full time, and how to counteract some of the struggles that come with that.


1. Crazy schedules

Both of our jobs are based in the California time zone which can be a little bit tricky. What does this look like? It means we start work at 6pm every night from our European locations, and we work until 1am or 2am every night. When we were in Scandinavia we couldn’t start work until 8pm because of the time difference, so that meant staying up until 4am every night to get those work hours in. This means very late nights, and late mornings as well. We never wake up before 10:30am.ย We do this so that we can have some sense of routine and normalcy, and also not kill ourselves with no sleep! We have gotten used to this new, and different schedule but honestly, it took several months for us to adapt. You might be able to get a job that lets you work any time zone, which is great! However, many jobs will require you to be based in a specific time zone, which means you need to work around that.


2. Lack of routine

Some of the best advice we have ever received was to have rhythmsย to your life. When we started this amazing adventure we kind of forgot about having routines and rhythms which resulted in us feeling off kilter for the first couple of months. When you’re traveling somewhere new and exciting, and working completely different hours than you’re used to, your whole routine gets flipped upside down. If you don’t make a conscious effort to have set routines in place, you will slowly lose your rhythm, and lost sight of regularity. Take it from us, this isn’t sustainable and in the long term will do more harm than good. Like we mentioned above, we only wake up after 10:30am every morning. This lets us have a set wake up time each morning, and also give us enough sleep with our new work schedule! Small routines like this can make a HUGE difference in your new much busier life.


3. Tiring yourself out

The last thing to be aware of is, in our opinion, the most important. Our broad vision for this year abroad was to actually LIVE in countries. We didn’t want to just vacation or check off the “best” sites to see in each country. We wanted to actually live there, and experience it fully. So we got jobs that let us do this! What this means though is that our schedule looks VERY different than most people who are vacationing. When we moved to Barcelona we wanted to see something new and exciting every day! We wanted to try the best restaurants, cafe’s, stores, and tourist sites. What we began to realize though, is that the sweetest moments were found just being somewhere. Put it this way. When you’re at home, wherever that may be, do you spend every single day seeing something new and exciting? We would guess no, a good amount of your days are spent just living life. Maybe you do laundry or cook at home, maybe you go to your favorite restaurant. Or maybe you spend all day watching TV in bed! This is what we had to realize. We need to LIVE in each place. It was our home now, and that meant spending some days just reading at a cafe. It meant watching our favorite TV show inside, instead of going out to the newest museum. And it meant having a consistent exercise schedule so that we put our health first instead of our adventures! If you spend every day while traveling full time going out and vacationing you will burn out incredibly quickly. Be okay to just have down days, and the simplicity will ground you.


We know not all of you want to have a full time traveling lifestyle! But we do hope that these small insights will help answer any questions you may have. We are so blessed to live this life, but as we’ve said before every blessed life comes with its host of difficulties. So know that when you see our cute couple photo in the crystal clear waters of Croatia, there is MUCH more that goes on behind closed doors, and it isn’t as exciting or adventurous as it may look ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please comment below with any other questions you may have for us! We love to answer them.


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