5 Easy And Legitimate Ways To Add $300 To Your Travel Fund

Many people ask how we can afford to live anywhere we want and travel the world for a year. It’s been a combination of many things we had to do leading up to this trip such as working side gigs and budgeting hardcore. And remember, we’re still working throughout this adventure. But there are some non-traditional routes you can take beyond a paycheck to get more money for your travels! We’re always on the lookout for legitimate ways to earn free money, and we have a couple that can help you add $300 to your travel fund! No strings attached.

So whatever your next destination is, be sure to jump on these opportunities and get yourself closer to that balmy beach or Eurotrip. You can get started with many of these in just minutes, and each freebie definitely adds up.

$5 for downloading the Clink app 

This app automatically sets aside money from your bank account and helps it grow with time. You can choose to set aside $1 dollar a day or whatever else you feel comfortable with. The app will then pull that daily dollar from your bank account and invest it in a low-risk portfolio. If you save more or less, that’s totally fine. You can deposit or withdraw your money at any time. Just make your money work for you instead of letting it sit idle in the bank – one of our favorite money principles!

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$5 for downloading the Qapital app

We wrote a blog about this app recently. It was founded by Swedes and we’re definitely a fun of it. The design, experience, lingo they use, everything. They don’t invest your money, but they do help you store it in some fun and creative ways. I guess you can call it the app that makes saving entertaining.

If you want the full details on how this one works, click here. In a nutshell, know you can tie automatic savings to certain activities you do. Let’s say you run a mile, the app can set aside $5 bucks. The activities and savings amounts are entirely customizable. We’ve definitely had a blast toying around with it.

Download the app with this link to receive your $5


$100+ per month doing surveys with Opinion Outpost or Survey Junkie

Both Survey Junkie or Opinion Outpost are sites we’re personally signed up with and highly recommend. Both are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and are quite popular. If you’re willing to put aside a couple of minutes a day to do some quick surveys, you can earn more than $100/month- all from your laptop! Surveys may not be the most fun way to make money, but if we can bring in a couple of bucks that we otherwise wouldn’t have, while in our pajamas, we’re in!

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$5 and get paid to watch videos with InboxDollars

Alright, if you’re still not down for surveys, here’s a more entertaining option for you. InboxDollars pays you to watch videos by companies that are trying to get in front of as many consumers possible. Some of these companies include Netflix, Walmart, and Target. They basically get their content out and you get some extra cash. We already come across and watch the most random videos, so we figured might as well watch ones we’ll get paid for. This site also pays you to do play games, do surveys, and accept email offers.

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$5 for downloading the Stash app

Sending another cool app your way here. We’re obsessed with them since they make things so effortless. We don’t need to be reminding ourselves of when to save and think hard about where to invest. Stash does this work for you. All you need is $5 to get started and they’ll start investing it in the stock market. It’s very low risk and they’ll basically give you the $5.

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$10/month for downloading Savvy Connect and Smart Panel, $195 per year 

Our behaviors as consumers are much more valuable than we think! But nobody likes to be spied on. So we’ve found two legitimate companies that pay you to install their software on your devices (phone, tablet or laptop). They gather insights on your online shopping and browsing behaviors but don’t share it with anyone. While it might feel a bit weird, both companies have a good reputation and are pretty safe. We’ve installed them on both our i-phones and laptops and are already nearing $80 this year. That’s a nice meal overseas, or plenty of pinacoladas by the Caribbean sea :] $195 is what you can expect to earn throughout an entire year by linking both your i-phone and laptop. We only projected $160, double what we’ve earned, when adding up the total in the tagline.

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$20 for getting a reloadable card with NetSpend 

NetSpend is one of the leading providers of pre-paid debit card for personal or business use, powered by Western Union. In order to receive $20, you’ll need to load $40 onto your card from your personal bank account. You can use the card as you normally would with any debit card. The only difference is when it comes to withdrawals. The average cash withdrawal fee is $2. So be sure to load what you know you will spend. $40 bucks wasn’t out of our range so we just went for it and claimed our $20.

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There you have them; 5 easy ways you can earn $300 towards your upcoming travels. Recently we shared a blog post on Kiwi, a budget site for booking flights that can get you from San Francisco to Miami for less than $350! We could go on and on about how else you could spend those $300. But for now, know that the key to earning these dollars is follow-through. So be sure to download the apps you’d like and start claiming your money!

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