5 Travel Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

We’ve been doing this constant travel thing for 8 months now! Pretty crazy when we think back to how we felt when we very first moved to Barcelona. When you travel like this for 8 months straight you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way. Below you’ll find our top 5 hacks to help make your traveling a little easier. Traveling is amazing, fun, and exhausting all combined into one. There are definitely some small things we’ve found that ease the transitions and intensity that travel can bring. Hope you enjoy them!

Eat an amazing meal your first night

This is something that we started doing right when we moved to Barcelona. We found an incredible restaurant that our Airbnb host had recommended to us. After grabbing a quick cat nap right off the plane, we forced ourselves to wake up and get on Barcelona time. That night we had an incredible meal, drank a little too much wine, and passed out to wake up refreshed and ready the next morning. This same principle we have applied to every country we’ve visited, no matter for how short of a time. The restaurants we find come from our Airbnb hosts, but also from resources like Lonely Planet, and Culture Trip. Both of these websites have AMAZING options, with very different price points. So even if you’re on a budget, using their resources won’t disappoint! Almost all of our favorite restaurants have come from these two websites, and we haven’t found a bad one yet. Doing this every time you travel will set you up to have a great first impression of the place you’re visiting. A good meal makes almost anything feel better in our opinion.

Invest in good luggage

We bought a three piece set of hard case luggage before our trip and thought that we had invested in good luggage. Unfortunately, we were very wrong. Within 3 months the wheel casings on all three pieces of luggage had broken off. The wheels still worked, but they got worn down so quickly that we now have lost our two largest suitcases. If you’re going to travel for an extended period of time, or to a continent like Europe with a lot of cobblestone streets we would recommend paying the extra money and getting some good luggage. Good luggage lasts you a very long time, and if you’re avid travelers you’ll never regret having it! For us, we have definitely regretted not investing in better luggage at the beginning of this trip. It would have saved us a lot of stress and time, and now we have had to replace our two largest suitcases. Side tip, places like TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack have great brands of discounted luggage. You’ll get good quality, for a much cheaper price!

Have a digital map handy

We can’t even tell you how many times we have NEEDED Google maps while we’ve been traveling. It has quickly become a must have for us, since everywhere we go is vastly different than the previous country. We rely heavily on Google Maps and having it has made our traveling experience much more streamlined. We, fortunately, have phone service all around the world, go T-Mobile! However, if you can’t get service for your trip don’t sweat it. There are a lot of digital maps that can work offline. Maps.me is a good maps app that works offline. It has a lot of great reviews in the Itunes store with people saying they used it offline! You can also use Google Maps offline as well. Simply open it when you’re connected to wifi and choose the area/city you want. Once it loads, tap the name or address you want and hit download. This will let it be active while you’re offline.

Get a portable charger

This is another invaluable gadget that we always have with us. Since we rely so heavily on our digital map, which is on our phones, our phones die very quickly. The worst thing is being stranded in Dublin not knowing which bus you’re supposed to get on because your phone is dead..true story. We picked up a cheap portable charger from an electronics store in Barcelona but there are SO many you can get on Amazon. They range in price and usually start around $10 or $15. It’s a very small investment for a great benefit, and we have found ourselves so glad we bought one many times.

Plane flight hacks

We fly a lot of the time. We also fly long international flights a lot of the time and have found three things to be really important to us.

  1. Buy a neck pillow. Addie was one of those people who said she didn’t need a neck pillow. She got one for Christmas from her brother and hasn’t looked back since. Having a neck pillow is always worth it. They attach to any luggage you have and make such a significant difference in your comfort on long flights. Don’t be like Addie, buy the neck pillow.
  2. Bring some healthy snacks and water on the plane. This is pretty self-explanatory but airplane food usually sucks, badly. You also can’t get that much water at one time, so having a full bottle really can make a difference. Your skin also is going to become pretty dehydrated, so having a lot of water on hand can counteract that. We usually bring fresh fruit and some healthier chips/popcorn for snacks.
  3. Brush your teeth halfway through. This is a little weird, we recognize that, but we have recently started doing this and can’t go back now. A long flight wears you down, and especially makes you feel messy and not really clean. Something as small and simple as brushing your teeth halfway through refreshes you and makes you feel cleaner. It also has the added benefit of helping to trick your mind to sleep. Since we brush our teeth before we go to sleep we find that brushing our teeth before we want to sleep on the plane can help us sleep a little better sometimes! It’s the small things that count.

Well there you have it, our 5 hacks to make traveling a little easier. Hope you guys enjoyed, please comment below with your travel hacks 🙂



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